The Third Wave

Team AO,

Some of you were around Team AO when Mr. Warren Hollier shared a wealth of wisdom with Colby and I in regards to business, economics and life in general. Warren was a veracious reader, and he often quoted a book entitled “The Third Wave”, by Alvin Toffler. The book was very popular in the early 80’s and Mr. Toffler predicted this “Third Wave” of change that we are experiencing today. In short the book details the history of humanity in relation to the economic landscape created and fueled by technology.

The First Wave lasted thousands of years and was based solely upon land and agriculture. The entire civilization was based upon farming and because of this the family structure remained close knit and the community cooperation was not a nicety… it was a necessity. Churches held the standards of “Love thy Neighbor” highly, and education, morality, and patriotism were pillars of decent living.

Around the time of the industrial revolution the First and Second waves crashed as one rolled out and the other rolled in. Because of technology people were able to do more with less, and the market place demanded that the agricultural age be dismissed and the industrial age be embraced. Whenever this type of transition occurs, people are faced with a critical decision, do they embrace change, extend a greater risk and put themselves in a position to prosper by riding the new wave or do they try and maintain a tight grip on the ebb flow of the old wave. Fortunately for many the second and third waves provided ample time to make the decision and those that moved early like the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie’s of the world became ultra wealthy. While many others moved from the farm into the cities to work the factories and plants making more money than they could have ever imagined. But at what cost? With jobs demanding 40, 50, 60 hours a week, the family unit began to suffer. The weekends became a time to recreate and Church became a hassle not a haven. Without a moral standard the values of society began slowly to move toward the material and not the meaningful. Education became the “Governments” job, and the values that were held so dear were now placed in the hands of tax hungry bureaucrats. The second wave began the loss of innocence.

The Third Wave having been ushered in by the invention of the Computer and the Internet promises to be the most explosive for both prosperity and perversion. The cushy corporate jobs of the Second wave are now almost obsolete. Everyday we hear of layoffs, downsizing, rightsizing, and cut backs. Many of us built our lives based upon the assumption that the economy would always be solid, and The Third Wave is now rocking many people into bankruptcy, foreclosure, and financial ruin. Technology has worsened devastation by speeding up time and shortening our decision to change window. This third Wave now has caused the family unit to be threatened on every turn, and traditional education is seen more as a joke than a requirement. So where do we turn?

Success is when opportunity meets preparedness, and we are blessed to be a part of the TEAM system which helps us to recognize these emerging trends, and Mona Vie gives us the opportunity to move ahead as the transition occurs. We are in the right place at the right time, and like Carnegie, and Rockefeller, those that make the decision to risk by investing in the right tools(system), and make the decision to build(Power player) when others are shrinking, will be the ones who ride the wave into a bright new future.

Team AO nothing just happens, and God blessed us to have Warren Hollier as a friend and a mentor. He helped lay of foundation of excellence for this organization and I encourage everyone to build while the hour is at hand. The Third Wave is upon us…

4 thoughts on “The Third Wave”

  1. Hey Raymond….Fantastic Post!I remember Warren Hollier, and boy was he walking history. He was the type of man that you wanted to draw near to because he had something to teach you. I remember when we had one of our meetings at the clubhouse and Mr. Hollier stood up to speak and what he said was, “I don’t think you all have gotten mad enough!” The room was quiet. I was thinking about that just a few months ago and when he said that at the time, I thought he was talking about mad at the other Teams for passing us up……but what he was saying is that we haven’t gotten angry about our situation, about life beating us up, about not having time with our kids, about living check to check, about this media war, about giving the best part of our day to someone else! We have our hands on something great….let’s get mad and getter done!P.S. I’m just talking to myself 🙂RIP Warren Hollier

  2. Warren Hollier, definately understood our economic times and that Orrin and Chris has developed a system of thinking to take advantage of it. Warren Hollier was one of our leaders of the past who made America a better place for you and I to live. He group up in era where he was was denied access to opportunity but did not let that stop him from pursing higher education and he American Dream. I think he would be proud to know that his efforts in Team was not in vain. Warren Hollier, was my indirect sponsor in the old business. I will ever forget him or the book “Third Wave” he gave me and Raymond.

  3. Great post on The Third Wave. I believe we are growing and moving forward with the foundation laid by Warren Hollier. At the Star 500and above meeting today. We saw the foundation continuing to forge ahead with the leadership of Colby, Raymond and Tina Abernathy raise the chinning bar and accountability. It was also heart-warming to see the other leaders in the room that’s committed to achieving goals and striving for excellence. The meeting was electrifying and inspiring. I am committed to doing the 4 things Tina laid out at the meeting and will take the challenge to the other ladies in our organization. As we continue to be people of character, integrity and honor, I pray the Lord will continue to shower his blessings upon Team Alpha Omega.

  4. I feel like tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life and I am excited!!! As of tomorrow, Micah and I are invisible to our extended families because I am in Mona Vie Full Time for 6 to 8 hours a day; and Micah will be right there with me when he gets home from work every day.Og Mandino once said, “I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course in my veins.”“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”“I will persist until I succeed.” I am right with Joy – mad enough to get this done and determined that my life starts reflecting what Og said! Love Ya’ll!

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