The Army has been Gleaned!

Team AO,

I have been reviewing my notes from the major, and Laurie Woodward make a statement in regards to the Army being gleaned. It was a reference to the Biblical Story of Gideon found in the Book of Judges the sixth chapter. Gideon is called a hero because of his incredible faith, and his story should inspire all of us to believe that we can do all things through Christ Jesus or Lord.

Gideon lived at a time when the greed and corruption ruled the land and his people would work to cultivate a living for themselves only to have the evil Midianites come and take the fruit of their labor every year at harvest time. Gideon was not strong nor mighty in physical stature, he did not descend from royal lineage, he was just an average guy that cared. After being called of God to stand up against the evil Midianites, Gideon amassed an Army of 32,000 soldiers to fight against the tyrannical Midianite army of 135,000! The odds did not look good, and being outnumbered 4 to 1 never seems to look good, but God wanted to show Gideon the He was in charge and that right faith in Him would and always will overcome evil. So he asked Gideon to do a strange thing. He told Gideon to glean the army down even smaller by allowing the scared soldiers to go home. Gideon asked the 32,000 men who was afraid, and 22,000 men raised their hands and limped home with their tail between their legs.

With Gideon having lost 69% of his Army the odds now were 1 to 13 and the victory against 135,000 seemed impossible. But God still wasn’t satisfied, he told Gideon that the Army was still too large, and he should take the army to drink at the stream, and any man that laid down to drink should be sent home from the army. Imagine as Gideon watching 9,700 of his 10,000 soldiers lie down to drink and having to send them home leaving him with 300 soldiers against 135,000!

Now 1 to 450 are the odds and in man’s eye it looks utterly foolish to even attempt to fight. But God had a plan. He knew that the 300 remaining soldiers were not scared, nor did they like to lie down and quit. He knew that the 300 men were willing to fight and even relished the fight for their wives, children, and communities. God gave Gideon their leader specific instructions on how to attain the victory, and those 300 men made so much noise that they scared 135,000 men into destroying them selves and victory was theirs.

So why tell that story, because greed and corruption continually assault us as Americans and someone is always reaping what we have sown. A few months ago our leaders decided to stand up and fight against tyranny and complacency, and TEAM AO amassed an army of soldiers that stood with them. Month after month the scared went home, and many lay down on their bellies and cry about circumstances, and they too went home. But the remaining “300” battle tested, courageous soldiers are still standing, looking for a fight! You were on the bus, in cars, and airplanes last week getting your orders in Columbus, and now it’s time to follow the directions to a “P” for Power player. Make some noise and tell the World about Team Mona Vie and claim your victories… That we may give God all the glory.

1 thought on “The Army has been Gleaned!”

  1. Team A-O, one of the reasons Orrin and Chris have us read books is so that we can recognize that ordinary and real people can be successful. Often we tell ourselves we can never be as good as that person, therefore I can’t do this or that. It is the wrong focus. When I read books about “real” people who overcame “real” life challenges I am further convinced that they have to go through life just like I do. Our focus should be on how they did it, not that I can’t do it. In other words, there are no superhuman beings. There are only human beings who find a way to successfully handle life. The bible is a book about “real” people-not ficticous people, not super human beings- who had “real” life challenges who overcame by a relationship with a very “real” God–Jesus Christ. Gideon was that “real” man who successfully relied on God for victories in his personal life and for his country.I hope that as we read the books from the Team system with out any pressure that we would seriously consider the book-of-books(Bible) to find out how these “real” people successfully handled life challenges.See you guys at the top.

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