Back to the basics

Team AO,

What a fantastic weekend with the committed leaders that travelled to the Major in Columbus! I am always impressed at the amount of information that the TEAM jams into a weekend. I wanted to post a summary of the most lasting thoughts from the weekend…

  • TEAM is a community building organization, and the marriage with Mona vie does not change that at all. Our culture of CD’s Books, and Association couple with our commitment to walk the levels of leadership, allowed us to thrive in an inferior product market for years, and if we bring what we do to the Mon Vie opportunity the sky is the limit.
  • I was impressed with the amount of new tools created to support and enhance our B-type businesses, and I know the the real professionals will be quickly listening to CD’s and giving away CD’s as Orrin talked about on Saturday.
  • In conjunction with the new tools, the leaders that will be the fastest will be the ones investing in the tools on a weekly basis moving them into other peoples lives to affect the Media War. Team AO is vastly mis-represented in the MEDIA WAR! Tina and I are going to do our part to get Colby into the top 25…
  • I absolutely love the new Team Planning calendar, and every leader that Tina and I are working with will need to have one of those so that we can effectively rotate the PDCA cycle as they chase their goals.
  • The new Registration form tear-off sheet with the direct fulfillment information is fantastic. This morning a leader on the team registered a new distributor, and when she reached that portion of the application she naturally got on system without us having to explain anything! That fires me up!
  • Stay tuned for more details as we plan an event for the winners of the CD’s listening contest from now until the July 12Th seminar. We will also be planning our first Sponsoring Rally as well…

Of all the great things we experienced this weekend, hearing from Dallin Larsen was huge because he shared with us his heart and vision for the future of Mona Vie with Team leading the effort to systematize and explode this wonderful business. I pray that everyone has a goal for the October Major in Louisville, POWERPLAYER is the answer to reaching all goals! Driving depth in two places and helping your personal sponsors reach new ranks will lead to you attaining all of your goals and dreams. TEAM AO, it’s time to return to the basics get out there and flood the market with the product and leverage the system as we move into the our destiny.

Share with the TEAM what you got out of the weekend…

8 thoughts on “Back to the basics”

  1. I got a new brother in Christ! Fired-up! I got a greater connection at the heart with Team MonaVie and Team Alpha Omega like never before. Wow! I got a new love for the color purple and lime green shirts! So neat! I got examples of exactly what to say and how to say it! Sweet action! I got the clearest understanding yet of this phenomenal vehicle! So empowering! Finally, I got a deeper understanding of myself and feel so much better inside after the weekend than before the weekend. Thank you Team System and thank you Team Alpha Omega! Team AO is the bedrock of our army’s foundation! This weekend cleared us off and provided a very rich portion of our building materials. May the construction commence of the greatest house every built! Who is building with me?!

  2. Im with you Micha. I have finally gotten what everyone on CD has been saying about what a major can do for you. This weekend literaly change my life “brother”. I loook forward to the exciting times to come. I have set my goals and am running. See you all at the top !!!

  3. Micah, I am so proud of you for being so hungry. You were on the bus making calls, staying up late, taking several pages of notes, and it’s true you cannot teach hunger! Congrats on going Star 1000!

  4. Anthony, I saw a new determination in your eyes this weekend, and TEAM AO is counting on you to explode the IL side. You have all that it takes and more to make this happen, and your time is now… You are why I love this TEAM!Raymond

  5. Hey Team AO!I am fired up! The major seminar was simply wonderful. What I enjoyed the most was the talk delivered by Chris and Terry Brady! The importance of the media war and what we are up against and why it is important to listen to the CD’s and to put people on system from the beginning: 100% people on system. Chris delivered a fantastic message on taking personal responsibility. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up into what someone else is doing or not doing instead of just leading by example. People will follow when they find a Leader who is moving forward. If it is meant to be; it is up to me! I left the major feeling refreshed and TODAY is a NEW DAY! My absolute favorite thing about that weekend is the bus ride. I love everyone on TEAM AO and for those that weathered the storm, pushed through money challenges, handled sitter issues, and just plain did what it took to get there….I could not be more proud of you and I just wanted to say thank you for making this major even more spectacular!

  6. Hey Team,Congrats to Micah and Shannon for going Star 1000! Micah, I had the pleasure of having a few conversations with you this weekend and you are very intelligent and I can tell that you are definitely plugged into system and that’s why I know that Star 1000 is just the beginning…You and Shannon keep up the great work and ooooohhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I’ll see you at the top!

  7. Hey Raymond,I just wanted to give a quick update. This morning I had two phone calls from people who picked up my business card at a car wash and were inquiring about MonaVie! Is that fired up or what. I had my cards placed in this facility about 2 weeks ago. I called them both back and I have a 6 This setup for tomorrow with one gentleman and the other is going to get back with me. I have posted my cards in several places and I look forward to the explosion!

  8. Joy, I applaud you for being a great duplicatable master copy! You are leading becuase you are first… first to read up on Mona Vie, first to share the idea with Chiropractors, first to refer us to the Dr. Niles testimonial on youTube, first to get the who do you know game at the tasting parties, first to break second generation Stars, andI know that you will be in the hunt for first Bronze! See you at the top…

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