Who are your Heroes?


There is an old DVD by Orrin entitled “Where have all the heroes gone?” We live in such an anti-hero culture, many people love to hate when they should love to emulate. The uniqueness of America has always been it’s ability to produce and perpetuate a culture of heroism. All of us remember the the classic cowboy movies with the hero riding off into the sunset, the Superfriends fighting for justice, as well as the countless stories of the founding Father’s as they laid the foundations of our nation. Sure we all have to admit that portion of the hero culture is pure myth, and many of our heroes had glaring faults, but human faults and frailties does not diminish the concept the goodness found in our heroes.

All of us need someone to look up to, a sort of star that lights our path upward toward true success. All great cultures and all great people write their diary by identifying their heroes. Ask a man or woman who they admire and you not only identify who they are, but also who they will become. Those who have no heroes have not yet identified their highest ideas nor their destiny.
Greatness requires an appreciation of greatness in others.

TEAM AO, we have greatness written all over us and the future certainly is bright for those who have identified heroes worthy of following. Who are your heroes? What do you admire most about them? How does TEAM Mona Vie allow you to step towards your heroic ideas?

8 thoughts on “Who are your Heroes?”

  1. Hey Raymond,Great post! I wish to recognize the Louisville team led by Nita and Gary Isgrigg. I believe they are heroes, because they identified through their listening and learning what needed to be done and went out and did it! Now they are becoming coaches to as many as will run with them. This week they signed up 4 at a family reunion (with a little help from Grandma, who LOVES Mona Vie)! Then they helped Carolyn Saunders and Alex Watts go Star! Without any Team support such as we have with AO here in St. Louis, I consider them heroes for stepping out and leading anyway! Way to go Nita and Gary!Lydia

  2. Hi Raymnond,Heroes is a good subject for this day in which we live. I am Godly proud to say that one of my heroes is our son Reginald Paul. Reggie is one of my heroes because at his young age of 20+ he is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone in pursuit of his dreams, realizes that setbacks are part of the success process, seeks the right information to achieve, is not afraid of hard work and is not looking for hand outs. A few years ago he moved to California in pursuit of a music career. Even though he hasn’t reached the goals he set for himself, he still has a positive attitude and is still focus driven. He continues to verbalize that he will achieve his goals. With young heroes like Reggie, Team MonaVie provides a rich opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for those coming after us to stand, grow and develop their potentials to the fullest extent.Rosemary

  3. Hey Raymond,Fantastic post! I read the post when you first put it up and I had to let the question “Who is your hero” marinate for a while. I began to think about that and the first person that came to my mind is my mother, Joyce Hanner. By all means she is not a perfect woman, and boy did we have our times but I began to think about all of her strengths and what makes her a hero at the top of my list and that is she has a fight in her like no other. I remember coming up not knowing we were broke and learning through the years that this woman went through a divorce, raised 4 kids on her own, made to much for assistance, and barely enough to provide and she busted her butt to make sure that we always had just enough. She is a quiet and reserved woman and my mom is a natural servant leader. Even today, you cannot mention a problem without her already working on a solution. What I admire the most about my mom is that she believes in hard work, dedication, and just plain getting the job done!If you don’t mind I would like to mention my other heroes and that is none other than Raymond and Tina. When I first met you two and was introduced to TEAM, making money did not even cross my mind! All I thought was this is one classy couple! I never had friends that were going places, that dreamed big, that had a plan to fulfill their God-given Destiny! It was like the Magi from the east when he came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.” I came from the East Side to an open meeting and I asked, “Where are the ones that will help me get my dreams and goals? Where are the ones that walk the talk and lead by their example? Where are the ones that are committed to growth and change? Where are the ones that will lead a team to greatness by watering the seeds that have already been placed within us? And there they were on stage as they let their light shine!”By all means, I am not saying that Raymond and Tina is “Jesus” but what I am saying is that we are amongst “STARS” and I will follow them anywhere! Raymond and Tina, you are blessed and highly favored and please continue to lead by your example. You are a “Master Duplicatable Copy!”

  4. Sister Paul, It has to be a wonderful feeling knowing that you have raised a son that is a fighter. The world needs more fighters, and the apple does not fall far from the tree! I am so proud of you both for being leaders on the TEAM, and for being professional enough to leveage the Tuesday meeting. Each week I see you leading your guests into the room and introducing them around to everyone, and that is what the pros do. God Bless you both and keep leading.

  5. Joy, Thank you for the kind words, but I was standing there last night when so many people came up to you to congratulate you on a job well do on stage. Your heart and example make you one of my heros. Having been raised by a struggling single mom as well, I share your sentiments for your mother. What a great hero to follow. And to be one of the few women to open up the meeting means a lot to the women building as singles or single themselves. Keep on leading and stretching!

  6. My heroes are those that speak of God’s love in Christ Jesus even in business.My heroes are those who have raised a family in a career driven world.My heroes are those who have chosen life in spite of fear and uncertainty.My hero is anyone who has paid all of their debt off and has developed the discipline to stay out of debt.My heroes are those that choose to make a difference and check that they really did.I admire their quiet confidence and results, but most of all I admire their unwavering character. I admire that I can trust them with my heart, my failures, my money and my children.Team MonaVie has given me an incentive to influence people. I can be ultra heroic on the inside. But if I never let it show to others; then I’ve accomplished nothing. Besides just material incentive, I see Team MonaVie as critical to fixing our political, legal, entertainment and educational systems. Expanding and developing Godly community is the most heroic thing of all!

  7. Micah, We all can be outrageously heroic on the inside, but I am proud of you for daring to be an external hero on TEAM AO. I see you growing by leaps and bounds, and I encourage you to stay in the books and CD’s and around this TEAM so that your internal potential might be nurutered by those who care. God Bless!

  8. I have heard this question many times “who is your hero”, and I have yet to REALLY be able to answer it for myself. While there are many that I respect and look up to, in over 15+ years (actually I just can’t remember when I started wondering about this question) I still haven’t answered the question for myself very well.I’ve even considered that maybe I just hold the bar to high. Then I realize that I can’t lower it because there are are at least two people that have met my so-called standard (I absolutely certain that there are others, I just haven’t gotten to know them personally in my small sphere of life). Obviously Christ being one. Can’t argue with perfection… The other was my mother. In a recent CD Kirk Birtles talks about the death scenario and how many show up and what they say. Mom fit that to the “T”. There actually wasn’t enough room for the funeral ceremony, and people were flying in from all over the US. The real reason she was someone that I could model myself after is because of the life she led and just how close it was to that of Christ’s model.I can’t remember which CD it was, but I totally agree with what it said and I think that we are in the kind of times when hero’s appear. The gist of what it said was that the hero’s, which the world will comes to know, don’t show during the easy or the good times. They show up (actually just revealed) during the hard/difficult times due to their character and passion.Therefore I think things are getting pretty ripe for a new set of “REAL” hero’s who will take a stand and will rally this nation back to the course that it should be on. I can easily think of a couple, but since we will need more than that it could be any of us. The question though is, will we be ready when that time comes if we are the one in the situation(s) that define them as a leader/hero. Stated another way, if God calls on you or I, will you/I be ready. Will we have prepared ourselves.

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